About us

Salòme Eilers - Koekemoer
Attorney At Law - LLB, Law

Salòme Eilers Attorneys is a Family Law firm based in Pretoria. Salòme Eilers specializes in all Family Law related matters, more particularly divorce matters, custody disputes, maintenance matters and antenuptial contracts.

Salòme Eilers has many years of experience in Family Law matters and therefore understands the emotional experience that these matters bring about on all family members. We offer a compassionate approach towards our clients, but a straight forward and no – nonsense approach to the Law.

We have an understanding of the psychology of families, the impact of family breakdown as well as the emotional trauma when couples separate. Furthermore, we believe in the importance of trust, mutual respect, efficient communications between our clients and us and to have a successful working relationship and a positive legal outcome.

We offer a swift service that is both efficient and professional and ensure on getting the best results possible and the most suitable outcome for all.

As we understand that most couples would prefer to avoid the adversarial court process, we offer and promote the use of mediation as a way to resolve the conflict. If, however, the court process is inevitable, we are equipped to take on complex and difficult matters.